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McCools Ltd Percussion Dry Diamond Drilling on Jersey

Added: 21 June 2023

McCool's limited has been diamond drilling, wall and floor sawing on the island of Jersey since 2008.

Aaron McCool contacted JKS UK Ltd after reading social media posts about our new Micro Dry Percussion Coring Equipment.

Many Jersey buildings are made out of solid granite and contain voids - so containing water is impossible. Drilling dry into granite is very difficult and takes far too long.

Mcools purchased the full dry percussion set up - Weka DKS15 hand held, Weka DKS32 rig mount motors, together with Profi Midi and Maxi MKII rigs and the full range of Unix2 Dry Percussion Cores.

Since then Mcools have transformed the way they drill on Jersey.

Clean, fast drilling, no dust, no water and much greater speeds through solid granite.

Some projects completed way ahead of schedule -

50 x 52mm x 600mm long holes through solid granite

10 x 150mm diameter holes into granite blocks

4 x 78mm x 1200mm holes through granite walls

12 x 112mm x 500mm holes -  inverted drilling 

8 x 132mm holes in the centre of Jersey into granite using the Diacom Trailer Rig Mount system

12 x 107mm diameter by 600mm depth in a castle - 15 to 20 minutes per hole - normally a full days drilling

Aaron McCool commented "This kit is a Game Changer for us, it is 100% better than I thought it was going to be!"



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