Dry Drilling must be taken Seriously!!!

Added: 10 February 2023


2 examples of DRY PERCUSSION DRILLING in the last week.

Inverness Core Drilling texted me in the early evening "These UINIX dry cores are amazing". Inverness had to drill 2 holes above a Hospital Theatre Room - it was essential there was no dust or water allowed to fall into the surgical room below. In just under 5 minutes a hole - with no set up time apart from plugging in the Weka DKS15 Percussion Motor and Vacuum System the holes were done. There were some big reinforcement bars, but the UNIX2 cores cut through them easily.

DP Diamond Drilling had to stitch drill openings at two Aston Martin factories. Due to the fact the buildings were complete and the equipment under each of the openings is very expensive - no water or dust were allowed.

In Derby, stitch drilling with UNIX2 102mm cores at 150mm depth - it took approximately 5 minutes per hole. The Southern Aston Martin factory concrete was very hard - reinforced and a flint aggregate. It took the UNIX 102mm cores 25 minutes per hole to cut a depth of 500mm.

Using UNIX2 percussion dry cores (cheaper alternatives just don't perform the same) and the Weka DKS15 Percussion drill - dry drilling must be seriously considered as a suitable solution - FAST, DUSTLESS and can take on any concrete!


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