Added: 18 July 2018

The new WEKA TR40 ANNA High Frequency diamond Ring Saw appears to be the real deal.

JKS UK Ltd have the TR40 ANNA Ring Saw on demo at the moment with a Diamond Drillng Company. 

Here is their initial review:

'The ringsaw was used yesterday to cut a 1m square opening, 300mm deep in reinforced concrete and the operative did not hold back he gave it some stick! I asked him what he thought and the response was positive, it had enough power, was easy to hold and control and he would be happy to use it on any job.'

Best of all, the WEKA High Frequency Set comprises of HS40 Hand Saw, TS40 Disc Saw, Tk40 Chain Saw and the TR40 Ring Saw all at astonishingly competitive pricing.

Please contact JKS UK Ltd for more infomation or if you want to have a look more closely at the demo Ring Saw and the TS40 Precut units.


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