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KS 30/ KS 30 S/ KS 30 E

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The new diamond drill rig KS30 joins advantageous handling with a high bending and vibrational stability
together with a very low weight of 13 kg.

Like all machines and drills from WEKA the KS30 is designed for professional use as well.
Following special features point its abilities:

Feed Carriage - Stable design with ball bearing supported roll guidance - The rolls are made from stainless steel for the KS30 and plastic for the KS30 E. The stainless steel rolls together with the stainless steel guidance with great precision

A circular level fixed at the carriage alleviates the exact vertical position. A tube level at the column allows an exact horizontal working position of the rig. A stop bolt at the carriage to apply the wrench for unfastening the tool, avoids damages at the column. Of course the carriage is fitted with a bracket.

Quick Connect Adapter - The drilling machine can be fixed very fast via a quick connect adapter and an
eccentric shaft to the carriage. For this procedure only the feed wheel is needed.

Handling and Operation - The feed is carried out by an ergonomic designed feed wheel, which allows theoperator dexterity. This feature also allows an operation in areas which are difficult to access.

The bend and vibrational stability is supported by two angular fixed braces, which are clamped via a clamp claw to the column. For clamping only the feed wheel is needed - no more tools.

Rig Base - The base made from aluminium can be fixed with dowel screws or vacuum. For vacuum fixation a seal and a vacuum adapter (accessory) is required.

The version KS30 S is fitted with a robust steel base especially designed for professionals.

KS30 and KS30 S are fitted with two swivel feet, which avoid a tipping of the rig, even with assembled machine.

Of course a water collecting ring (accessory) is available and can be fixed very easy by a spring system.

Even though the KS30 is a lightweight rig, it is fitted with two wheels to alleviate the transport.

The well-priced KS30 E is equipped with solid plastic rolls - therefore a stainless steel guidance is not necessary for this version. Swivel feet, stop bold as well as the tube level at the column have been removed.

Corrosion Protection - All essential parts are corrosion resistant. Drill column, braces, feed carriage and base (KS30) are made
from an aluminum alloy. Leveling screws, levers and feed pinion are made of stainless steel. The steel foot of the KS 30 S is zinc-phosphated.

The KS 30 is recommended for WEKA Diamond Cored Drills Type DK 26, DK32, SR25 and SR38.

For more information about this product, call or email us: 01536 262 769


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