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Added: 12 April 2019

The NEW Cedima Joint cutter CF-22 E.800

JKS UK Ltd are pleased to announce the launch of a new Electric Modular Floorsaw from Cedima. This Floorsaw gives an unparalleled cutting depth of 320mm with an 800mm blade. The 3 piece modular design is designed for the saw to access where no other saw can.

Electrically driven joint cutters are suitable for indoor cutting operations where it is not permitted to use machines with combustion motors due to regulations regarding emission and /or noise protection. The compact construction of these small electric joint cutters is ideal for the transport to areas difficult to access.

- For renovation works especially in enclosed rooms

- Large cutting depth despite compact dimensions and low total weight

- Up to 10 mm cutting width

- The 7.5 kW electric motor only requires a 400 V / 16 ampere connection

- Diamond saw-blade mounting left or right

- Modular constructions in 3 parts for easy transport - Rocker with electric motor, blade guard and chassis

- Hinged blade guard - For cuts direct to walls and egdes

- Reversing star-delta switch - To change the phases directly and quickly


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