GrapheX Engineering Innovation Entry

Added: 02 June 2017

Plantworx 2017 sees the launch of something so innovative, so different that the heads of all associated industries will be turned.

grapheX brings together a completely new approach to the design and mechanics of diamond cutting application. Since the start of synthetic diamond application in the 1950’s all manufacturers have used a set list of ingredients to produce their diamond cutting tools.

grapheX technology, incorporates the largest dual De Beers diamond grit sizes ever to be used in segment manufacture combined with a unique Copper based matrix.

Through years of testing and innovation, we have created a diamond cutting and drilling segment that performs faster and more efficiently than any of its rivals, whilst allowing one segment to cover a much wider range of motor powers due to the dual diamond innovation.

A user just needs one blade (instead of many) to cover all low to medium powered machinery and just one blade type to cover all medium to high powered machinery, safe in the knowledge that the blades offer excelling performance.


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