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KS 50 / KS 50 S

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Designed according to the approved principle of the KS 13 the KS 50 is optimally suitable for all professional tasks.

Following specialities emphasize it's abilities:

Feed Case - stable design which surrounds the column completely and thus shows also stiffness against twists.

The front side is closed with the quick change plate for fastening the drilling machine, thus there can also be used a different fastening plate if required. An eccentric fixing brake avoids unintentional feed movements.

Guides and bearings - slide ways and bearings in the feed case are made of the approved compound material that is also used in the KS 13 since years, i.e. extremely abrasion resistant, low in maintenance and very smooth-running. Thus, the slip guides can be prestressed easily. The feed carriage now slides absolutely free from backlash, yet running free on the drilling column. For the drill bit this means: less pipe friction, less vibration especially at the opening, but much higher endurance.

Operating - the KS 50 drill feed is operated by an ergonomically designed hand wheel which is simply placed onto the
feed pinion either on the left- or right-hand side.

Also included in the standard design is a fine feed which is fitted on the side and shows his effect especially when drilling big holes asit triplicates the feed power that is applied by the operator. Of course an inclined adjustment of the column is possible for more than 45°. The truss is applied in that way that a fixing of the drill rig with a bracing column is unobstructed possible.

Rig foot - the rig foot made of aluminum can be fixed with dowel screws or vacuum. Only vacuum fittings and a gasket are required for the vacuum fixture.
By two adjustable swing feet the KS 50 shows an exemplary stability. Of course also several water collecting rings are available which can simply be fixed at the foot plate by a spring tension. A circular level guarantees an exact leveling. Although the KS 50 is a lightweight, it has two wheel to make the transport easier. As the version KS 50 S, the drill rig is fitted with an exceedingly stable and robust steel foot.

Stability and weight -for the stability has been taken special care due to the light weight of only 19 kg. Critical nodes have been calculated numerically (FEM).

Corrosion Protection - All essential parts are rustproof. Drill column, struts, leveling screws, feed carriage levers and feed pinion are made of stainless steel. Feed case, feed plate, heading section and traverses are made of corrosion resistant aluminum alloy. The steel foot of the KS 50 S is zinc-phosphated. The KS 50 is recommended for WEKA diamond core drilling machines DK 32, SR 35, DK 42 and DK 52.

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