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DK 42 Overview

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With the DK 42 A WEKA has extended the successful series of powerful diamond core drills up to 400 mm drilling diameter.

A robust, powerful and solid three-phase motor with an appropriate high capacity gearsystem is packed in a stable aluminum case. Due to an optimized motor cooling by using water an excellent power weight is achieved.

Further more the DK 42 A has the following special features:

Three speed gearing unit - High efficiency gearing unit with economic speed adjustment to each bore diameter as well as a wide drilling range (diameter 70 - 400 mm).

Oil bath lubrication - Optimal gear lubrication for high efficiency and durability and less maintenance.

Safety clutch - Indispensable safety element. Protects operator as well as machine and tools from mechanical overstrain.

Three-Phase Motor - Extremely durable and low maintenance motor without brushes and commutator. This motor has only a simple rotor instead of a coiled armature. It is silent. The speed drop at full power is minimal.

Motor protection - The DK 42 A is protected by thermal switches integrated in the stator windings. Thus
the motor is protected directly in case of overload, unsymmetrical voltage, phase failing or deficient cooling.

Motor cooling - The DK 42 A´s motor is cooled by a patented water cooling. The cooling water flows controlled through the interspace between case sleeve and motor case. Due to this intensive cooling power output and weight is improved considerably.

Metal casing - makes the DK 42 A - contrary to plastics cases - mechanically and thermally solid and stable.

The DK 42 A is switched by an on-off button on the top of the machine via a conductor. For saving weight it is fitted in a cable case. By this device the motor is solidly and exactly switched and the required undervoltage trip is realised.

The DK 42 A corresponds to the water protection IP 55 according to the European normative document EN 60 529, i.e. water cannot enter into the motor during proper use. Thus it is possible to drill upwards in a vertical position without taking any further precautions (overhead drilling).

WEKA and environment - WEKA electric tools are mainly made of aluminum and steel. Plastics are only used if it is unavoidable. WEKA electric tools are durable. Scrap-mature machines will be taken apart completely and separated materially. Therefore, WEKA machines are 90% recyclable.

Safety - The DK 42 A corresponds to the water protectin class IP 55 according to EN60529, i.e. on proper  use no water can enter the machine. Therefore it is possible to drill overhead without any further precautions.

Further more the DK 42 A corresponds to the European regulations.

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