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DK 34 Overview

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The new DK 34 from WEKA combines the successful, and in the line of business well known features of the DK 32 with an additional increase of the output torque up to 128 Nm.

The DK 34 offers a maximum in economy. The DK 34 corresponds to a high quality standard and is suitable for a continual and professional operation especially in hard and abrasive concrete. The excellent efficiency from motor and gear guarantees an unusual working capacity.

The DK 34 possesses, apart from the mentioned characteristics on the whole, the following features:

3 - speed change gearing - Large drilling range (s. techn. Data) with favourable adapting of the speed to the respective drilling diameter.

Oil-bath lubrication - Optimal gear lubrication for high efficiency, high durability and less maintenance. The new and highly effective oil pump takes care for an optimal lubrication for the first fast step of gear even in vertical operation.

Overload clutch - This novel multiple disk clutch protects operator, machine and tool against high mechanical overload. The bigger numbers of friction surfaces guarantees a nearly constant release torque even after many hundreds of release cycles of the clutch. Consequently, with proper use a readjustment between the usual intervals of maintenance is not longer required.

Motor protection - The protective motor switch limits the overload current and thus takes care for a longer
life of the motor. By means of the reinforced version a long life of minimum 5000 high current switch off cycles will be

Start current limiter - Two-stage start of the motor takes care for a reliable operation even with quickaction
main fuses (for 230 V version only).

DC-coated drill spindle with protective sleeves - Sleeves on the spindle made from stainless steel in addition with a high quality surface treatment take care for a maximum protection against rust and abrasion of the running surface under the rotary shaft seals.

Antifriction-Element - This smart ring fixed on the drill spindle is able to reduce the release torque for loosening the drill bit considerably.

Metal casing - Motor and gearbox are made from aluminum. This makes the DK 34 mechanically and thermally stable and durable contrary to plastics cases.

WEKA and environment - WEKA electric tools are mainly made of aluminum and steel. Plastics are only used if it is unavoidable. WEKA electric tools are durable. Scrap-mature machines will be taken apart completely and separated materially. Therefore, WEKA machines are up to 90% recyclable.

Electrical safety - The DK 34 corresponds to the European safety directives. According to these documents this machine is constituted with double insulation and an additional earth wire which protects the operator when drilling through an electric lead, as well as a fitted PRCD (portable residual current device) between the cord.
Threefold electric protection: Double insulation + Earth wire + Ground fault current interrupter (PRCD), or isolating transformers for UK.

  • FROM 2018 onwards - some build modifications have been made so refer to latest Parts Lists and Diagrams.
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