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DK 13/17 Overview

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WEKA has combined two machines in one. Without further costly appurtenances or equipments it is possible to drill wet or dry.

A special designed sealing system with superposed protective rings allows this combination of water cooling and dust exhausting.

The DK 17 is famous for its special power and a therefore wide drilling range of a diameter up to 200 mm.
In addition to a high efficiency motor and gearing unit, both machines show the following features:

Universal Operation and high flexibility - The DK 17 is a really flexible core drill. With one machine it is possible to produce core boreholes in concrete (water supply) or bricks, respectively masonry (dry with dust exhausting). It is a hand held machine and - if it is required to bore bigger holes - a drill, which can be fitted on a appropriate rig, e.g. the WEKA type KS 13.

The DK 17 is supplied completely with wrenches in a very handy carrying case with a special tray. On the upper side the machine is deposited and below there is space enough for some core bits.

Tool fixture and AF- Element - It is possible, to use drill bits with standard tool fixture 1 1/4" UNC. A tool adapter for G 1/2" bits for wet drilling belongs to the delivery unit. A new designed Antifriction-Element (AF-Element) fitted on the drill spindle provides for an easy sever the drill bit, i.e. sever torque is reduced to 50%..

Elastic bore piercer - For easy put on the drill bit to work, an elastic bore-on piercer is available (special appurtenance). Especially for exact drill positions this device is an indispensable appliance. The application is very easy. Before starting the drill insert the bore-on piercer, fix the peak exactly in the centre, drill approximately one mm deep, remove the bore-on piercer and go on with the drilling.

3 - speed gear - Large drilling range (s. techn. Data) with easy speed adjustment to each hole diameter.

Oil-bath lubrication - Optimal gear lubrication for high efficiency and durability.

Overload clutch - Protection for operator as well as machine and tools against mechanical overloads. An indispensable safety element for hand operated core drills.

Motor protection switch - Protects the motor against electrical overload.

Intellitronic - The new electronic system starts the motor by means of a microcontroller softly and thus
avoids a too high start current. When exceeding the overcurrent threshold the electronic is showing this by a pulsating of the motor. If the operator now decreases the feed power, the motor works normal again. If the operator does not decrease the feed power the electronic switches the motor off after some seconds. After this action the motor can be started immediately. It is not required to wait a time period before starting again like on a thermal motor
overload switch. Thus the Intellitronic avoids overload conditions and increases safety, the operators comfort and the motors life time.

Levelling aid - Two integrated levels enable exact horizontal and vertical working positioning.

Metal Casing - In proportion to plastic cases the aluminium case of WEKA drills is mechanical and thermal more stable and durable.

WEKA and Environment - WEKA electric tools are mainly made of steel and aluminium. Plastics are only used if it is unavoidable. Sandwich material is not to be used. WEKA electric tools are solidly designed. Scrap-mature machines will be taken to pieces completely and separated materially. Thereby the machines are 90% recyclable.

Electrical Safety - WEKA diamond core drills correspond to the newest European regulations. The most important features are double insulation with an additional ground wire, that protects most of all against external voltage - drilling into a live line - and a residual-current-operated protective device (RCD) in the cord. Threefold electrical protection - safety insulation + earth wire + protective switch

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