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DK 08/09 Overview

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The DK08 is a universal diamond core drill for drilling reinforced concrete.

The DK09 can further more be used for dry drilling in masonry, without any involved changing of the accessories or attachments.

Simply couple ball valve or exhaust adapter, and the machine is ready for use.By an especially developed sealing system with superposed protection sleeves it was possible to include both systems in one machine.

The DK08/09 distinguishes itself by a high power and thus a wide drilling range of up to 200 mm and by the universal use.

Further more it has these following features.

Universal use and high flexibility - The DK09 is a real all-round machine. With one machine it is possible to produce core boreholes in concrete (water supply) as well as masonry (dry with dust exhausting). The DK08/09 is used as a hand held drilling machine. For bigger drilling diameters from 80 mm on, it is recommended to use a drill rig (KS13) to gather the higher drilling forces.

The DK08/09 is supplied completely with wrenches in a very handy carrying case where there is space enough for some core bits.

Tool fixture - The DK09 is fitted with a 1 1/4" UNC tool fixture. Thus you can use competitive standard rill bits which also offer a corresponding outlet for the dust exhausting on dry drilling. An adapter for G 1/2" bits is available as an accessory. The DK08 is fitted with a G ½" thread, as DK0803 however it is available with a combi-spindle with both thread G ½" and 1 1/4".

Elastic bore piercer (accessory) - For easily starting to drill, simply put the centering spike into the spindle, put the hardened peak onto the drilling center and start to drill. A practical support for drilling exactly into the center.

2 - Speed gear - Wide drilling range (see technical data) by mechanical adaption of speed and torque on the corresponding drilling diameter.

Oil bath lubrication - Optimal gear lubrication guarantees a long lifetime and high efficiency.

Overload clutch - protects operator, machine and tool against high mechanical overloads. An inevitable safety feature for handheld core drills.

Intellitronic - The new electronic system starts the motor by means of a microcontroller softly and thus avoids a too high start current. When exceeding the over current threshold the electronic is showing this by a pulsating of the motor. If the operator now decreases the feed power, the motor works normal again. If the operator does not decrease the feed power the electronic switches the motor off after some seconds. After this action the motor can be started immediately. It is not required to wait a time period before starting again like on a thermal motor overload switch. Thus the Intellitronic avoids overload conditions and increases safety, the operators comfort and the motors life time.

Leveling aid - Two integrated levels enable exact horizontal and vertical working positioning.

Casing - The gear box is made from aluminium and is thus mechanically and thermally extremely stable. For saving weight the motor case is produced of a impact-proof plastic.

WEKA and Environment - WEKA electric tools are very long-living. Scrap-mature machines will be taken to pieces completely and separated materially. Thereby the machines are 90% recyclable.

Electrical Safety - WEKA diamond core drills correspond to the newest European regulations. The most important features are double insulation with an additional ground wire, that protects most of all against external voltage - drilling into a live line - and a residual-current-operated protective device (RCD) in the cord. Threefold electrical protection - safety insulation + earth wire + protective switch


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