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Customer access to 20 years of information We think that 20 years of experience and the most exclusive information should be only accesible to the most exclusive people......our customers! Read More Added: 29 August 2017
Website Under Construction

This Website is currently under construction

Read More Added: 24 August 2017
WEKA DK34 M1 motorway drilling It is important to get your speed right!

Read More Added: 17 August 2017
GrapheX Success Drill Masters Ltd, Ipswich won a major floor sawing contract removing 4 Km's of trench in preparation for a new water mains in around the suburbs of Ipswich. Read More Added: 05 July 2017
WEKA 25th Anniversary Celebrating 25 Years of WEKA Read More Added: 03 July 2017
GrapheX and Sawcon JKS UK Ltd and Sawcon Plant working on projects for IKEA and Manchester Airport - A selection of Graphex Floorsaw blades and cores from 600mm diameter unto 1000mm diameter for 66 and 84 Horse Power Floorsaws and 150mm diameter Graphex wet cores being used with DK32 WEK motors and some Hilti Motors on JKS Profi Maxi Rigs. Read More Added: 02 July 2017


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